How to Make Money On eBay® in 3 Easy Steps

Picture it: Working from home by making your living on eBay®. No more boring corporate meetings. No more rush hour traffic. No more office politics.

Sound good?

Then you may want to consider starting an exciting career selling products on eBay®. Here’s how to get started in three easy steps

Step 1: Find a product source.

The key to making money on eBay® is to find low-cost products that you can sell for a tidy profit. Thus you need to find a source of cheap or even free products.

Here are three such sources:

  • Troll yard sales in your neighborhood. Go early for the best selection. Go later for the best deals on remaining merchandise.
  • Look for deals on Be sure to check out the “free” ads section.
  • Find closeouts and other specials. This is where you get good deals on new merchandise, by buying in bulk, buying closeouts, buying from stores that are going out of business, etc.

Step 2: Create good auction titles and descriptions.

Those who make a lot of money on eBay® know that good photos, compelling auction titles and exciting auction descriptions make all the difference in the world.

For instance, just consider these two statements:

Bad Example: “Realistic doll moves her eyes and even cries.”


Good Example: “Your daughter’s eyes will light up when you give her this doll! She’ll have so much fun playing with this realistic doll, because the eyes move and the baby even cries.”

See? The first is just a statement of fact and features. The second statement weaves features and benefits together, which makes the description more exciting. And exciting descriptions compel people to bid, which means your auction ends at a higher price!

Step 3: Sell on the backend.

Once your auction ends successfully, you collect your money and ship the product. But this isn’t the end of your relationship with your buyer.

Indeed, it’s just the beginning. That’s because your next step is to include a flier in the shipment, which will promote additional related products to your winning bidder.

Tip: You can also send out postcards in the mail later on. And you can offer your customers a freebie – like a free downloadable report – to join your online mailing list.

Example: Let’s suppose you’re selling children’s dolls. You can send out fliers that promote additional dolls, as well as accessories such as doll houses and doll clothes.

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